About Rev. Bansavage

A Beautiful Ceremony by Rev. Lisa Bansavage

You want everything about your special wedding day  
to be perfect

Especially those long-awaited moments 
where you proclaim your eternal love for 
and commitment to one another. 

I want to give you complete peace of mind and 
a relaxed and joyous atmosphere so that you will 
remember every precious moment

A personally designed marriage ceremony 
offers you the opportunity to begin your life together 
in a manner that will be meaningful to both of you — 
and to those friends and loved ones gathered to support 
you in this exciting new chapter of your life journey

I look forward to helping create a ceremony 
that enhances your memorable wedding day!

Aviso:  Aunque no hablo el Español con fluidez, puedo
oficiar tu boda totalmente en Español o en Español e
Ingles. Puedes escoger también una ceremonia religiosa 
o no religiosa.  

Please contact me with any questions or to set an appointment.  

  Inquiries:  (732) 636-7743
•  Email revbansavage@gmail.com 

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